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Piotr Stachiewicz (Polish, 1858-1938)

12 months - full set from “Boży rok”, where each illustration was based on proverbs and saints associated with the month.


Pride of King’s Landing by Anthony Petrie

Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 available at Gallery 1988.

Long live the King.

Artist: Twitter / Website / Store / Tumblr



In honor of his birthday, here’s Goni Montes' cover for the upcoming RoboCop #1 (our new series, debuting in July), from the exclusive CBR interview with writer Joshua Williamson.

In developing this series we worked hard to make sure it felt different than any other RoboCop series. The property has been around for a long time, and a lot of different publishers have done RoboCop comics. How would we stand out? In Williamson’s interview you’ll see how we tackle that question in terms of story. We plan to concentrate on the “crime” angle. The original film hit a beautiful balance between being both a science fiction and crime story, and it’s something that felt lost as the franchise continued. We want to see if we can achieve that balance again. 

In terms of covers, we also wanted to do something that had never been seen in RoboCop comics before. There are many approaches to take, and you may see them across some variants. But in terms of the “A” covers we thought it would be interesting to have Goni, who has done amazing cover work on Clive Barker’s Next Testament and was recently nominated for a Spectrum 21 award, approach RoboCop with a sense of surrealism. Alex Murphy’s story is one of identity, with competing allegiances battling themselves inside a mind that is part man and part machine. Goni’s approach illustrates that internal struggle with a startling visual imagination, as the above cover makes clear. As the series continues you will see Murphy and Anne Lewis’ battles, both internal and external, turned into beautiful masterpieces by this distinct talent.

Now this is a birthday gift! Such kind words!

To say the least, I love working with BOOM! and I guess it’s safe to let you all know we’ll be working together on some pretty fun Robocop covers. It’s as exciting as it is scary. Such a high profile story with such a solid fanbase. I better get this right. :D


Changing it up a bit.



I have always found peace in the rain.

ah this gif set was made for me

I love the rain ❤️

The Art of Dreamworks Animation | The Road to El Dorado 
Unfortunately the book doesn’t name who created any of the artwork, if anyone could message me I will happily source correctly. 


From my exhibition, “The Nightwatchers” at Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

oil on panel 7x5” 2014


Suppression, Tom Bagshaw


Discovery 0.5



It seems I can’t go long without drawing feathers

Prints available here!